When Brands Collaborate: Why are Google and Kit Kat ganging up on us?

6th September 2013 in

All hail to the latest tech-confectionery partnership. Pandering to two of the greatest pulling powers in modern life - gadgets and chocolate, Google and Kit Kat have teamed up for the release of the new version of the Android mobile operating system.

Google has a previous history of sweet related version names for Android, but previously they've all been generic; this one is an association with an established brand, in what is presumably a very tightly worded commercial contract.....

So what do they get out of it?

It's pretty easy to see what Kit Kat get..... an association with a brand on the cutting edge of hip on a global scale.... the opportunity to release yet another variation, mint, coffee, orange, phone(!).... an 'angle' to exploit in marketing campaigns to keep up the momentum of visibility. And, of course, a statue on the lawn at Google. In perpituity?

So what do Google get out of this temporary showbiz marriage? Global exposure? Already got it. Money? Maybe... A statue to put on the lawn? Definitely. Probably no one knows long term, but then you could say that about pretty much everything in the tech world. Could lead to any number of lucrative relationships in areas yet to be thought of. 

Nice kitkat.com site though.....

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