About Us

Ah, the 'about us' page.

If we're honest, we did wonder what to put here. We could have waffled like most everyone else with long paragraphs about history and culture, but if you're interested you'll find that out anyway.

We decided instead to put some statements here that apply to us, and that are constants. This is what we believe.

We're lucky to be doing what we love and getting paid for it. We really appreciate that, and we want it to continue. So we'll work hard on your stuff. We always know that you paying us pays our bills. Note to job applicants: Don't apply if you think it's just a job; we live and breathe this stuff, and so should you.

We strive to be the best - or do our best - constantly. We don't know everything. We know we don't know everything, and we're learning new things every day.

Steve's mantra: Learn something from everything

We're nice people to deal with, but we don't expect you to engage us just because of that. We'll be on your side, fighting your corner, sniffing out opportunities on your behalf. 

Meet the Team

Meet our creative thinking, down to earth do-ers.