Why good business is the best business

When it comes to putting in a good day’s work, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing that, whether it’s been an easy day or a challenging one, the place you work at takes a responsible approach to business practice.

17 February 2022
Applied Digital Is Accredited By The Good Business Charter

As a digital marketing agency in Huddersfield, we work with a wide range of clients across an equally wide range of business sectors, and with each of them we’re not just committed to providing them with an exemplary service, but to being fair, open and transparent.  


This is why we’re delighted that we’re now accredited by the Good Business Charter, an organisation that champions and recognises best business practice.


The Charter measures behaviour over 10 key components:


  • Real living wage

  • Fairer hours and contracts

  • Employee well-being

  • Employee representation

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Environmental responsibility

  • Paying fair tax

  • Commitment to customers

  • Ethical sourcing

  • Prompt payment


Now in our 22nd year, we’re still constantly reviewing the way we work and the policies that we adopt to ensure that both our employees and our clients enjoy their involvement with Applied. The digital marketing sector is as competitive as any other, but at Applied Digital we’re genuinely committed to ensuring that our employees work in a safe and supportive environment.  


We actively promote hybrid working so that our staff can mix working from home with working in the office - after all, as a creative, digital and web development agency we’re passionate advocates of the power and convenience of technology - both for us and our clients.


We’re a small team of experts passionate about our individual areas of expertise, but we’re never too experienced to learn new things - which is why we have a supportive people development programme designed to help all our employees grow and thrive. By valuing our people, we’re also bringing added value to our clients.


We also value sustainability. We’ve only got one planet which is why we’re committed to practices that protect the environment, reduce unnecessary waste and promote responsible use of time and energy.   We share car trips to local client meetings, or offer them a digital meeting if they’d prefer, and jump on trains for long distance appointments or conferences rather than burn up miles on the motorway. We’re also part of the government’s  Cycle to Work scheme which encourages cycling both for work and social recreation.


“It’s great to be accredited by The Good Business Charter but having this recognition doesn’t mean we’ll be resting on our laurels. We’ll be constantly reviewing our performance against its 10 key behaviours and benchmarking ourselves against other companies in our sector. We’re in business to make a difference and to enjoy what we do. The Good Business Charter will ensure we do it in the best way that we can.” - Steve Sykes, Managing Director

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