SEO Hall of Shame

26th July 2013 in SEO


You may have designed and developed a visually perfect website, taking into consideration your business objectives, company branding guidelines and key target audience but somehow it just isn’t performing. Traffic flow is poor and conversion rates are practically non-existent. So where did you go wrong?

To ensure your site has the best possible chance of being seen by search engines and returned favourably in results; but more importantly to avoid being penalised by Google, make sure you don’t commit any of these SEO crimes!
1. Broken Links
There is nothing worse than finding an interesting snippet of information then clicking the link for more details only to discover it’s broken! Not only will this annoy your potential new customer, it also annoys Google who will penalise your site for bad links.
2. Duplicate Content, Duplicate Content
If you duplicate content within your own website you end up confusing search engines. How do they know which piece of content to return? It’s like having two identical shops on a high street, same window display, same products - which do you choose? Or would you be more likely to choose the shop that sells exactly what you want but is unique?
3. Duplicate Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
Another duplication crime. Page titles are one of the most important on-page SEO factors as they help Google index the page correctly and tells the searcher it contains content that is relevant to them. Similarly with meta descriptions. Just because they are not visible on your website, doesn’t mean they’re not visible to search. They should be short (160 characters) and describe what is on the page using those all important key words.
4. Keyword Stuffing
Which brings me neatly to keywords and how not to use them. Basically don’t overuse them. You may think that you can fool Google by including as many keywords in the content on a single page as you can, but the only thing you’ll achieve is attracting their attention for all the wrong reasons; and you will be penalised.5. Dodgy Links
Links to your site should be looked at like a testimonial or recommendation. So if, for example, the product you are trying to sell is a pushchair, then obtaining a link from an authoritative mummy blog (Mumsnet) or a parenting expert would be a big thumbs up. A link from a gambling site or random directory however would not. One good quality link is far more likely to boost your rankings than 100 from low quality sources.So whether you are planning a brand new site, or - having read this blog - think that your existing site may just need some attention, take heed of the above or even better give us a call. We’d be happy to help.
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