Mobile Popularity Increases For Travel Search

24th May 2013 in Digital Strategy

According to a recent Econsultancy report, consumers are equally likely to use their mobile device as they are a laptop when researching for a holiday or business trip.

However despite this laptops still hold the bragging rights of being the most popular device when making the final purchase. The new report which focuses on the mobile’s role in the travel industry, showed that 56% of consumers use a laptop to research possible travel options, in comparison to the 49% that use a tablet, and the 48% that research using a smartphone. 

These interesting stats emphasise the fact that travel agents and hotels should ensure that they have a mobile optimised site or app as a matter of urgency, if they are going to take advantage of the ever changing customer demand.

Although a large percentage of people still use a laptop to make a final booking, the figures for research on a mobile have risen dramatically in just 2 years. A survey in 2011 showed that just 17% of consumer research for travel was on mobile compared with 48% today.

Here at Smart Arts we are well aware of the increase in usage on mobile devices for research purposes, which is why whenever we create a site for a client, we ensure that it is fully optimised for mobile usage. 
An example specifically related to the travel industry is Gilcar Farm Holiday Cottages - three unique luxury holiday cottages, in Emley near Huddersfield. Having a site that has mobile compatibility is proving very beneficial for them, with a 63% increase in visits via a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) in the last 6 months compared with the previous period.


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