May: Applied Digital Monthly Digest

With the world of digital marketing updating on a daily basis, we thought we’d share a glimpse of what we’re working on with our clients each month, to help give you some insight into the scope your own marketing could achieve. 

  • New website case study live

    We’ve just released a case study of our new website with Hillfoot Multi Metals, that had the objective of positioning the business as a leading engineering steel stockholder, improving presence in search results, and the provision of key pricing and technical data. The result was 120 keywords appearing on page one of Google, web traffic from 85 countries, and enquiries generated over 3 continents.
  • See it here
  • Email campaigns

    We’ve both designed and created email campaigns targeting the hospitality sector this month, alongside a campaign plan that was the result of research into optimal days and times to increase click & open rates.
  • International technical audits 

    We manage and develop websites for clients across the world, and this month we’ve continued monitoring & optimising technical elements of these sites to increase visibility globally. Our audits are a methodical process of checking functionality across the site, combined with benchmarking current performance and visibility within their target audience.
  • PPC Campaign Setup

    A business that was underwhelmed with their existing PPC campaign performance tasked us with improving their conversions, resulting in a new campaign built from scratch. As with all digital marketing, seeing how historical activity performed was incredibly important, and our campaign as a result has seen improved dramatically in terms of enquiries generated and user engagement.
  • App development

  • Our expertise in eCommerce websites has allowed us to create standalone apps that will help businesses selling on the Shopify platform. We’re currently testing these before they launch on Shopify’s app store.

A point we’d like to share this month is that we recognise digital marketing campaigns, running through separate channels such as email marketing, paid search, referrals ads etc, can seem hard to quantify. However, this is by no means impossible. Google Analytics, in particular, allows integrations with your other campaigns that make it easier to track and report how effective they are, which when combined with setting specific ‘goals’ in your analytics reports, can provide you with insight into lead generation and ROI.

If you need any advice on reporting, or would like more information on how we can improve your digital marketing, feel free to get in touch with our MD, Steve, or call on 01484 30 20 10.

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