Let your customers needs decide your digital strategy

8th January 2013 in Digital Strategy

It used to be that the odd update to a website used to be enough... 

You'd do an update to the product section or the news page because 'the search engines like that, don't they?'. Websites used to be an online version of the company brochure, and were maintained the same way.

Nowadays, your digital platform (which may or may not actually be your website) needs to 'engage' with your audience; which means it needs to react and respond to your customers, wherever they are, and whatever device they're using to access online space. It can engage with them, inform them, amuse them, and convert them into 'sales'. Think social media (facebook and others, twitter, youtube, pinterest and more). Linkedin, if it's B2C.

Depending on your customer, your offer might change every week... every day, or even in real time. Your customers are unique and need an approach that's tailored to them.

Whether it's mobile apps, social media or websites, our job as a digital agency is to help you communicate with your customer online - in the way they want to talk to you - today, and in the future.

Please bear in mind this advice will probably be out of date soon... so get in touch now and let us help!

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