Killer B2B SEO Techniques - the Case for Case Studies

17th October 2014 in SEO, Content for Conversion

We do a lot of B2B content marketing for a wide range of companies, and one of the items in our armoury is the evergreen ‘case study’. Case studies are pretty common on /B2B websites, but have you ever wondered why...?

Well written case studies carry out lots of functions and are beneficial in both building a brand and converting visitors into customers. Specifically...

They establish the level of client that you work with.

Mentioning existing customer names demonstrates to the potential client/customer that you can work at the level they require. It’s a way of demonstrating status and credibility and the effect of showing names (or even better, names and logos for instant recognition) builds confidence in your ability to deliver for them - in terms of scope, scale, compliance and professionalism. Careful now, you may need permission to mention projects, so it’s always worth checking that you can mention names and use trademarks.

Demonstrate skills, services, features.

A carefully written case study is an opportunity to show an end product or finished job; but not only that, it gives an opportunity to include techniques used, skillsets, ways of working, best practice, compliance and even equipment used - much more digestible than reading a plant list!

Geographic Reach

So - your company operates from Huddersfield - or Harrogate - or Hounslow - but you service customers all over the country - or the world. How do you demonstrate this? And just as importantly, get found in search? Case studies are one way. Having remote (from your base) target regions or towns in a case study is a great way of getting your key search words next to a location name, helping with local search… when you’re not geographically local.

Features, benefits and outcomes

A key part of a well written case study should always be the difference made to the recipient of your goods and services - did you save them money? Make them money? Save them time? vert or mitigate the effect of a real or potential disaster? Some or all of these points can be brought together to form a happy ending for a customer - and help with reaching out to more customers. Do you have or do something that no one else has? Has it worked to the benefit of your clients? Get a case study out there!

...but I don’t have the time or writing skills to do this!

A series of well written case studies can be a real benefit in B2B search, and is proven to bring in business for our clients. Our approach to strategic thinking and a broad range of tactics we bring to bear has proven results. This is what we do.

You may not have the time or skills, or keep pushing the job back because it’s hard to do - that’s where we come in. We’re committed to delivering great content that gets results - and it’s our main focus - because that’s what you pay us for.

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