How can you create content for your website that gets seen in Google and helps your audience?

Creating content that gets seen in Google and helps your audience can be a difficult process. When creating content, it's important to think like your audience.  Pre-planning to find out what questions people are asking, what styles of content are popular and where to look for ideas can help you create effective content for your site.

Here at Applied we’ve put together a guide on how you can find out what is being asked online, where to find content ideas and what styles are popular.

How can you find out what people are asking online?

If you find out what people are asking online, you can then create content relevant to what they’re searching for.

Google offers a whole range of tools to help you find out what trends and searches are popular including:

Google insights looks at search volume and metrics from regions all over the world. You can use insights to research search trends, find out who is searching for what, which global search patterns to follow and what competing sites to investigate.

  • Google trends shows you what searches are gaining the most traffic. These figures are updated hourly but you can also view which topics have been searched for the most over a specific time period.

Twitter also shows what is popular with updates in real time. Trending topics and hashtags feature on Twitter’s sidebar so you can easily see what is starting a conversation.

Where can you find content ideas?

Content ideas can be found all over the web, simple research can help you find those initial starting points. Places to look include:

Google autocomplete predicts what you’re searching for based  on what other people have searched for and trending topics, these topics are targeted to your area and change throughout the day.  

Forum sites such as Quora are great for finding inspiration. Type in the topic your audience is interested in or what you want to write about and you’ll find questions and answers that can become content.

  • Social media can help you create content based off what your followers and the people you follow are sharing, engaging, posting about. These topics can help you create relevant content that your audience will find engaging.
  • Industry publications publish the latest news, trends and tips that your audience look for. Finding articles with lots of engagement and popular topics can help you create content based on this but from your own perspective.


What styles of content are popular?


 Among the many types of content out there we’ve selected our top 5 popular styles. These include:

Blogs - Blogs provide your audience with information, stories, reviews etc from a more personal point of view. They’re written to be easy reads for your audience and are enhanced with media e.g photos, videos and links.

Articles - Articles are similar to blogs but provide more technical, newsworthy information for specific audiences. They’re usually written with the help from other sources such as articles and contain links to other sites.

  • Case Studies - Case Studies are a great way to explain how your products/services helped your customers. A good case study is a success story that explains what a company did, how they did it and the results they got.
  • Infographics -Whether it's a story, facts, statistics or product demos. Infographics visually share the information. They break up plain text by adding colours, different fonts and images which work well both on site and on social channels.
  • Videos - Videos provide users with an engaging visual experience. Incorporating sound and images together they can help communicate messages and deliver key points in short amount of time.


If you would like some further advice or information on how to research and create effective content, contact our MD Steve Sykes or give us a call on 01484 30 20 10


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