Google turbo-charging

6th August 2012 in

Google developers are constantly developing new ways to make our websites faster and to provide greater tools for us to monitor their performance.

Making the web faster has been a personal goal for Google for quite some time now and they have just introduced new optimisations to their PageSpeed service. The new rewriter called “Cache and Prioritize Visible Content” helps aid webmasters in caching html content, prioritising the load order of images and deferring any javascript libraries until the page is loaded.

Hopefully these new services will become common practise sometime soon. Personally I am going to start using the techniques in future projects. Read the original article for the Google Developers blog.

Knowing how well your site is performing is key for planning any future online marketing and the Google Analytics team have now released multi-channel funnels into the Google Analytics API. These new tools will help webmasters create custom reports for their clients giving details feedback on the different channels customers are coming from to view their site. With the current uprising in social media traffic, knowing how many of your customers are using Twitter or facebook can really help the marketing strategy. Read the full article on the Google Analytics blog.

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