Google receives 25% of all internet traffic

26th July 2013 in SEO

Google’s huge range of new products have now made the company responsible for nearly 25% of all internet traffic, compared to just 6 percent only three years ago, according to a recent study.

This stat is much higher than first anticipated, and based on the internet monitoring firm Deepfield’s research on measurements of end device and user audience shares, Google is now bigger than Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter combined. 

Not only do Google receive 25% of all internet traffic, the report also suggests that around 60% of all internet end devices will engage traffic with Google servers during an average day. The analysis also takes into account computers, as well as mobile devices,  games consoles, home media appliances, and other embedded devices. 

The data Deepfield collected focused primarily on North America covering roughly one-fifth of the U.S. internet consumers, meaning it’s “the largest ongoing study of its kind” the group stated in their blog post.

Deepfield stated that the biggest change in Google’s internet presence was the deployment of thousands of Google servers in internet providers around the world. Although another reason behind the huge increase is believed to be the addition of Youtube (for $1.65bn), which may have been one of the big influences in Google’s impressive traffic increase.  

These stats show that Google is becoming a bigger internet powerhouse every year, and are an effective reminder of how important it is for businesses to be visible on Google, by ensuring your site is fully optimised not only for search, but effectively represented on all relevant Google platforms such as Maps, Google + and many more.

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