25% of UK consumers have made a purchase using their mobile

25th September 2012 in

There's no denying it, we are living in a multichannel retail world where consumers expect to be able to purchase from retailers using a number of different online and offline methods.

According to a new Multichannel Retail Survey by econsutlancy.com, which accompanies their How the Internet can Save the High Street report, shows that 87% and 85% of respondents in the UK and US respectively sometimes or always see the ability to purchase from a retailer from different channels as important.

Mobile is a significant part of an effective multichannel strategy as it gives retailers the ability to join up their offline and online strategies. It is by no means a perfect solution yet, but most major retailers have begun to experiment with mobile as part of their in-store shopping experience.

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By David Moth on econsutlancy.com

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