Meet The Team Series - Part 1: Steve

We thought that after over 20 years in business, it’s about time we introduced you to the Applied team. Our meet the team series features a range of quick-fire questions designed to help you learn a little more about us.

To kick things off, we start with our Managing Director, Steve Sykes. Steve’s the founder of our team, and has been around an awful long time. Here’s a bit of background that he’s compiled for the editor of Hello! Magazine if they ever want to run a piece.

First holiday memory:

Caravan to Anglesey. Same place every year, a site run by Mrs Parry. Every morning I was dispatched to get bacon and a newspaper, then days of fishing and crabbing in the estuary.

What shape do you like your balls? (It’s a sport question!)

Leeds fan in the seventies (Lorimer!!) - then watched a couple of live games and since then have never really been a ball-sports fan. Still trying to work out offside with salt and pepper pots.

How many teachers do you remember from your first school?

Hmmm… Mr Clough in class seven was a tough cookie.. Rode a Honda CB250 as I recall and Mrs Sykes in class one was lovely (of course).

Early bird? Night owl?

Early bird! Definitely. Except the morning after an owl session.

Most interesting place you’ve had lunch?

I’ve had plenty of lunches, as my waistband will attest, but the BRDC members lunch in London with United Autosports must rank as the best.

Best business presentation and why?

@Mrbingo - I expected a dull dreary presentation on e-commerce, and got a fantastic insight into a creative, sweary, debauched mind. His presentation / stand up made me a lifelong fan...

Road trip or resort?

Road trip, definitely - itchy feet after 1 day, and pretty much allergic to beaches.

Grain, hops or grape? Or none?

A recent convert to bourbon. I look forward to not remembering many years to come.

Most socially awkward moment?

Going out to dinner in Monaco with a load of F1 Related businessmen. Was considering searching for mortgage deals or an escape until someone stood up and said ‘I’d love to pay!’

Breakfast. At the table or on the hoof?

At the table. Except on a roadtrip. (Sausage and Egg McMuffin anyone?)

How many wheels and why?

For a long time two, now four.

Job that you’ve done that’s most different to your current role:

Mining electrician, or maybe maintenance electrician on Huddersfield’s ‘wastewater facilities’ (Sewage works).

Best part time job:

During the 1984 miners strike - gofer for a small motorsport preparation business out of Huddersfield. Was paid in parts for my Mini.

We hope you enjoyed part one of our meet the team series, stay tuned for the next edition where we focus on another team member. Have any questions you would like to ask the team? Let us know on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram

Meet The Team Series - Part 1: Steve