A rugby clothing website to get people talking

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The LooseHeadz Foundation was set up by Dave, Mark and Rob - a trio of rugby players who had seen, first hand, the devastating impact of poor mental health. 


The Challenge

To create a website with two key purposes: a merchandising platform to sell LooseHeadz rugby clothing which, in turn, funds the promotion of the work of its Foundation to advance the global dialogue around mental health. 


Our response

Rugby is a tough sport. LooseHeadz is a thought-provoking organisation. Mental health is a highly sensitive issue.

Bringing all three together on a single platform was an interesting challenge, but we took inspiration from the LooseHeadz mantra that business should be a force for good. So, the site we created placed the primary focus on merchandising the LooseHeadz range of rugby-inspired clothing as a way of leading visitors in to understanding the aims and objectives of the organisation.

This is a case of entry (rather than exit) via the gift shop - a merchandising portal that educates buyers that they’re doing so much more than just buying a rugby shirt or hoodie. In essence, the site offers visitors a linear progression: buy, learn, support, join the conversation.

Built around a merchandising platform, the site’s design cues reflect the black design of the LooseHeadz range - creating a look and feel that is simple, strong and resilient.