How to get found online

30th November 2012 in SEO

As an agency, we're working with more and more clients who want to be found online because they see that a customer looking for a solution is easier to communicate with than one who just happens to be sat in front of an advert.

More buyers (B2B and B2C) are using online search on multiple devices as part of their decision making process. Being found online by your potential customers is more and more important as the majority of people use the internet to research products and services.

We know there are different stages in the buying 'funnel' - Stage 1 is people seeking inspiration, and wanting to assess their options.... 'tell me what's out there?'..... 'iphone or android' might be an example of this type of research.

Further down the 'funnel' (and therefore a more valuable 'target') is the person who's comparing products, services or suppliers.... 'searches like 'Samsung Galaxy review' or 'phone shops in Leeds'.

Then there's the stage at or after the 'conversion'. Once they've 'chosen' you by signing up or buying, keep in touch. There's never been a better customer than one who's found you without been pressured. So nuture that customer - feed them free information - be sociable - be useful - be clever! Email or social - keep in touch!

Smart Arts can help you with all stages in this process, from writing content to attract visitors, to running your 'social' or setting up triggered emails to keep in touch with them. Get in touch and we'll have a chat!

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