Jenny gets it done

Operations Manager

Jenny Green - Operations Manager at Applied Digital Marketing

Once upon a time in a land far, far away... 

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away (well Tottenham actually) a girl was born who just loved stories. I blame my mum and dad who taught me how to read and write before setting foot in nursery school, and kept a house full to the brim with books. I know books - the paper variety too. Different times!

Well it stands to reason that I developed a love of English, particularly literature - though I'm not sure my teachers were quite as appreciative. They were the ones after all, who had to mark my literary classics - think chapters not paragraphs. Come to think of it I did once get accused of 'waffling' by my favourite teacher - gutted!

Undeterred I went on to do English A' Levels, and after brief thoughts of becoming a teacher (!), managed to get a coveted place at journalism college. I will never forget being told by one of the lecturers that I would never have a career in the broadcast media as I was too 'Yorkshire'! I think there may be one or two 'accented' journalists and presenters who may disagree with his diagnosis. Although absolutely nothing to do with this attack on my, frankly, great accent I finished the course (successfully) and decided to move into public relations.

Fast forward through 10 years, 4 agencies, an increasing involvement in project / event management, multiple clients, good times (meeting 3 of my best and closest friends, plus my future sister-in-law) and not so good (we've all had them), helping to plan a few weddings (one literally every weekend for a year!!) and I made the decision to set up my own company.

Another 10 years down the line (one more wedding planned - my own!), and this bloke I'd met at a previous agency (enter close friend number 3) kept badgering me to come join his outfit that was doing quite well. The name of that outfit - Smart Arts. The 'bloke' - the one and only Mr Steve Sykes.

How could I refuse? The chance to join a growing digital agency that recognised early on, the importance of great content for getting websites found, and engaging and converting customers.

The landscape of traditional marketing, particularly public relations, was changing rapidly and I was excited to be moving with the times; having the opportunity to work with a great team and diverse clients. And now, not only am I still writing stories (my first love), but I'm also making sure that projects get completed on time, and helping to ensure the business is running smoothly!

It’s not all work you know...

Reading (of course): Pretty much anything - biogs, chick lit, classics, thriller, drama. Current book: 'Outlander - The Fiery Cross' Diana Gabaldon.

Films: Collection is extensive and covers all genres. Best films seen recently - Dunkirk, Legend, Whiplash, Spectre, Straight Outta Compton, and of course Star Wars!

Music: My Spotify collection includes everyone from Foo Fighters, City and Colour and Pink Floyd to Muse, John Martyn, Sohn, Jack Garratt and yes, even Take That!

Family, friends, food, photography and fitness! I love spending time with my amazing family and friends; and the fitness has to go hand in hand with food - unfortunately I can't have one without the other! Plus I'm a keen amateur photographer with a particular interest in nature.

Jenny's hobbies - Applied Digital Marketing