Andrew makes it work

Head of Development

Andrew Womersley - Head of Development at Applied Digital Marketing

Numbers are logical, they abide by rules and you can always work out the answer. 

At school I was never one for words - numbers were much more my thing, I loved solving problems and logical puzzles. I think the illogical nature of the English language is one of the reasons me and words don't tend to get on.

Numbers are logical, they abide by rules and you can always work out the answer. Other areas that always interested me were computers and design; and towards the end of my school / college life, as technology became more available, the two became interlinked as we started to learn computer aided design. I was hooked.

I left college with the knowledge that I knew I wanted to do something involving computers, maths and design, but unsure about the exact path I wanted to take at University. I decided to choose a course that would cover all areas of the new multimedia age.

Within the first term it became clear to me where my chosen area was going to be, the web development modules made me buzz. Over my 3 years at University, I found myself studying and working away late at night, but as I was doing something I enjoyed I didn't even see it as work.

I graduated University with a first class honours degree, a good knowledge in all the key areas of web development, and an enthusiasm to keep learning. Oh, and a student loan debt.

Fresh out of University, I started applying for jobs and ended up in an industrial estate in Slaithwaite being interviewed by a Mr Sykes. Although only a one man band at the time, I felt working with Steve at Smart Arts would be a good opportunity for me to further my skills, and gain real world experience.

In the first few years, as me and Steve got to know each other and debated our differences of opinion (something we still do on a regular basis), Smart Arts developed as a company. Both in me learning about the real world from Steve, but also my youthful enthusiasm injecting back into the company (or so I like to think).

Over the later years, we have continued to progress gaining some great clients (and friends) along the way, while working on a variety of different jobs that have kept life interesting.

From a personal point of view I have really enjoyed seeing something I was a part of at the very begining grow in to what it is today.

It’s not all work you know...

My spare time is usually spent either playing with my 1 year old son Harris, keeping the missus happy, playing football or just chilling out in front of the TV.

My laptop's normally not far away as being a bit of a geek I also enjoy doing a bit of coding in my spare time!

Andrew's son Harris - the next generation of the Applied team.