Social Media


Our team can help your business to keep up to date with the ever evolving landscape of social media and make the most of the opportunities it offers.

It can be difficult to work out whether your company can achieve a tangible return from investing time in having Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and multiple forum accounts. And even if you decide to go for it, it is tricky to establish how best to use those channels to communicate effectively with prospective customers.

Applied Digital Marketing’s team can help by developing the right tone of voice for your brand and streamlining your social media activity so that it is focused on the most suitable channels for your market.

Once this is in place, we’ll concentrate on the social media essentials - conversation and engagement.

How this is done will depend on your goals.

For example, promoting a high-value engineering product or service to senior managers may be best achieved by posting detailed, thought-provoking content that encourages them to read, share, discuss and follow your business.

But to improve awareness of a product for the craft market, images and short videos are likely to convey the message more quickly and be something that your customers will share with other people who enjoy their hobby.

Whether your aim is to build brand awareness, publicise a specific product or service, persuade people to sign up to an email newsletter, run a competition or even to generate some enquiries, we can manage every aspect of your social media campaigns, including producing any written content, visual assets and landing pages required.

Contact Applied Digital to find out how your business could benefit from our social media management service.