The Applied Process

A proven B2B marketing method to deliver ROI for your business.

Identify your value proposition

Before we create your website or design your marketing strategy, we identify why people buy from and deal with you.

  • Exceptional service?
  • An innovative, unique or superior product?
  • The cheapest on the market. Always?

A good value proposition is measurable, ideally an absolute, and adds value from the customer’s perspective.

Process 1 Lg

See it from the customer perspective

Passing the ‘so what’ test

  • They don’t care if you’re ‘nice people’ - they do care if dealing with ‘nice people’ means slicker service, less glitches and a can-do attitude.
  • They don’t care if you were ‘Established in 1887’ - they do care if 100 years+ of history means unsurpassed experience and knowledge.
  • They don’t care if you’re a family business - they do care if a family business will treat them like family.

Same facts, different perspective. Seeing things from their perspective helps us to become experts in communicating with YOUR customers.

Make sure the content’s right for your customers, not just you

When we’re creating content for the online space we’re always thinking about whether we’re meeting the needs of your customer. The right digital content will:

  • Be found in search or on social for relevant queries
  • Solve the prospect’s problems and answer the questions they’re asking
  • Establish your credibility and communicate your advantages
  • Drive conversions - turning searchers into visitors and then into contacts

Good content is a key factor in supporting the sales process, enabling you to connect with your target market - and sometimes with sectors you didn’t know were potential markets.


Build something beautiful and brilliant

We use creativity and technology to deliver your content to your target customers.

Our aim is to get your initial message across in 3 seconds, with the detail to back it up, building your relationship with the user.

Whether the chosen medium is a website, email or social media campaign, the finished product will communicate, engage and convert.

The focus is always on effectiveness - we’re winning customers for you, not design awards for us.

Process 4 Lg

Keep up the good work

Our goal is to attract the right type of visitors, engage with them, and convert them.

This can only be done with the right type and quality of content, distributed via the right channels.

We aim to position fresh, engaging content in front of the user at all stages of the sales pipeline.