A new approach to selling luxury events.

Visual Identity + Website Development

Ricordi 1

London-based Ricordi is a high-end catering and events operation that brings imagination, theatricality and creative flair to those important occasions in our lives that require more than just a booking reservation in a restaurant.


The Challenge

To create a brochure with a difference - to attract clients to a luxury events brand focused on creating one-off unforgettable experiences.


Our response

As a full service agency our considerable experience includes designing for print with all the wonderful, tactile opportunities it brings, particularly when a key part of the ‘sell’ is experiencing luxury in a way that can’t be expressed through social media and websites alone.

Ricordi clients don’t just want great food and fine wine, they want it wrapped up in the occasion of a lifetime planned with meticulous attention to detail. No two Ricordi experiences are the same, so they wanted us to create a brochure that inspired their customers to start with a blank sheet of paper, and work with them to imagine endless possibilities.

Our Creative Director Mike, working in partnership with Tom, Head of Content, devised a brochure built around exploring possibilities through stories.

From an evening drinks reception in a replica 1950s Ferrari garage to an anniversary event in a Tuscan-inspired farmhouse in the Cotswolds, the Ricordi brochure was conceived as a marketing exercise where “luxury” is never mentioned, but where the styling, design and creative intent put you under no illusion that this is a company that will devise events that even surpass the expectations of those who demand the very best.