Web Design Trends 2013

6th August 2013 in Web Design and Development

It has just been a year since the initial release of Windows 8, which has made everyone go crazy about flat UI design, thus leading to Apple releasing their latest IOS in Flat. Flat UI has even grown heavily over the web, where if you aren’t using flat designs your websites will look cluttered and dated.

But I personally think that this is now coming to an end and Apple has perhaps been a bit late on the uptake, as we all know a design trend never lasts too long and is very quickly replaced by something which is usually the opposite to what’s currently trending. 

I think this is because we can miss those things that have been absent for some time, which can then look great when it is brought back. Take the whole vintage and retro craze for example, all those designs which were replaced and classed as boring by newer designs have come back in fashion and are now classed as cool.

I have recently been looking at many different websites for inspiration and I must admit I miss the days where light shadows were used to give the illusion of 3-D, and white space was used instead of large blocks of colour making the design look clean.

I have put a list together of four trends which I believe are prime for a comeback:

1. Infinite Scrolling

All credit should go to Pinterest and Tumblr for this, who use this method beautifully. As a user on Pinterest I sometimes will find myself constantly scrolling down as I am more interested in what will show up further down the page.

Infinite Scrolling


2. Detailed Illustrations

A newish trend which is totally the opposite to the style of flat and simplistic designs. Newer design trends are all about catching and holding a user’s attention. I feel that illustrations perform this task brilliantly.

Detailed Illustrations

(source: www.twogiraffes.com)


3. Fixed Header Bar

Fixed header bars are such a cool thing, they can practically work on any type of website. Usually used on social networks, blogs and design studio websites. Advantages of having a fixed header is that it provides an exceptional user experience, allowing the user to navigate the website without the need of having to scroll back to the top of the website. 

Some would say a negative point is that fixed headers take up a proportion of the website and leave the user with a less viewpoint on screen. A good way to get over this is when the user starts scrolling down the website have the navigation bar height shrink by 50%.

Fixed Header Bar

(source: www.engageinteractives.co.uk)

4. Full Screen Typography

Probably one of the hardest ones to pull off but can look the most effective out of the four if used correctly. The reason this one is so difficult is because the right typeface has to been selected according to what the message is, the audience, the tone of the content and the colour scheme being used on the website.

I personally believe simply using oversized typography can be as effective as using large images.

Full Screen Typography

(source: www.thegeekdesigner.com)

If any of my predictions become very popular in the near future remember one thing, you heard it first at Smart Arts.

Are you sick of seeing Flat Ui everywhere? Do you agree or disagree with me that a new trend needs to start very soon? Do you think the trends I have listed are correct or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. I’m looking forward to reading what our readers think about web design trends.

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