Vero: ‘Less social media, more social life’

Vero: ‘Less social media, more social life’

14th March 2018 in Social media

If you’re somewhat of a social media butterfly, by now you’ve probably heard of Vero - the new, but not so new (initially created in 2015) social media app that’s taking on the likes of Instagram and Facebook by making social networking ‘more like real life’.

Designed to put users first, Vero bases itself on the concept of being ‘smarter’ and boasts a range of features which aim to offer its users more than what the current social media giants do. These features include:

An ad-free chronological feed

Cleverly offering the one big thing that we all miss on Instagram, Vero’s feed or stream (as they call it) is totally chronological - with no algorithms in sight.

It’s also ad-free! Why? Well, according to Vero’s manifesto the app is subscription-based, meaning new users simply pay a small annual fee to join Vero, create their account and access all of its features and functions.

Vero previously said as a ‘Thank you’ their first million users would get to bypass the annual fees for life. They have since updated their ‘free for life’ offer until further notice due to ‘service interruptions’.  

Have control over who sees your posts

This is where the ‘more like real life/true social’ element comes into Vero. Within the app, followers can be categorised as either close friends, friends, acquaintances or followers. These categories allow users to choose who they share their posts and content with.

But surely that's just hard work? I guess in a way it is with most social media users and apps being based on sharing your content with all your followers or friends, but it backs up Vero’s real life social aims.

How? Well, think about it, in real life, you wouldn’t share or tell your acquaintances and close friends about something in the same way you. 

More engagement

Within Vero, you can post images, videos and text as well as check into places, edit images and share your favourite music, movies and books.

Post-engagement aims to be ‘smarter’ with each post being is ‘a little world of its own’ e.g you can tap to buy products, play music, watch trailers and explore deeper, all within the app itself.   

But, whilst this all sounds good, many problems have already been found within the apps usability, terms of service and technical issues.


"Whist I do think that what Vero is trying to offer its users and what it's doing to challenge the ‘norms’ of social media is positive, I question how successful it will actually be.

Many users are already losing interest in the app due to technical and usability issues. Will Vero continue to catch on and is there a place for it alongside the social media giants e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Only time will tell." - Marnie Hartley, Digital Marketing Apprentice 

"Vero might be a fair competitor to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and the like, but the big question is whether you have room in your life for yet another social media platform.

The social-proofing element of Vero adoption will probably be the hurdle it never truly gets over, mainly because it’s genuinely quite difficult (and annoying) to find out if your friends are on there (you have to manually search for everyone you want to add - who has time for that?!).

While the concept is a nice idea, and the chronological feed is a welcome change from the illogical updates to others, there’s no benefit to the user of using Vero. Typically, people use Facebook for personal posts. Twitter for more broadcastable messages where hashtags will be used. Snapchat for close friends. Realistically, Vero doesn’t have a USP that can’t be easily imitated by Silicon Valley’s finest." - Chris Bardsley, Account Manager 


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