The Three Cs. Content, Conversation, Conversion.

19th February 2015 in SEO, Content for Conversion

Here at Smart Arts we recognised a long time ago that the biggest player in search, Google, had become so successful by delivering only the best results to those searching for products and services. Google has always been proactive in weeding out those trying to fool it by using nefarious, or ‘black hat’ techniques to spoof, fake or wangle their way to the top of search.

Two or three years ago we concluded that old fashioned ‘SEO’ wasn’t enough, so we put together a great content team that works with clients on a regular basis to develop fresh, relevant, interesting content to reflect each client’s expertise, USPs and authority online. Content we produce takes various forms; case studies, user guides, best practice documents, how to’s, video, infographics, and many, many more.

 We’re always trying to improve our service to our clients, and we’ve come up with the next step. A step that could further increase our value in the ‘sales funnel’. We’re applying our knowledge of our client’s businesses to real time chat, and engaging with their customers while they explore the great content we’ve provided. 

The facility allows us to field questions from prospective customers and provide the information they want, direct them to the most relevant product or service page on site, or to capture their contact details for a callback and future marketing activity. To put it another way, it helps us to turn an interested visitor into a genuine lead. 

Having a team of people on-tap who know the subject matter and can communicate to help turn a site visitor into a customer is a real aid to conversion - and the bottom line. 

For more details about real time chat or any of our other digital marketing services, call us on 01484 302010 or use the ‘Chat Now’ facility. 

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