The mobile future is already here

2nd September 2011 in

One set of stats that we as an agency are increasingly becoming aware of is the growing percentage of emails, from any given campaign, that are being opened on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. On recent campaigns we have seen as much as 52% of 'opens' being  on a smartphone, with as little as 5% of opens in a traditional desktop email client. Obviously this varies dependent on factors such as list demographic, time of delivery, and sector, but there's no denying the continuing shift to mobile.

Many people, having increasingly busy lives, are using these devices as an extra 'filter' to quickly screen out irrelevant emails so they have a cleaner inbox when they actually get back to their desktop. So how can we protect ourselves, and even capitalise on this shift to mobile?

1. Do research - look at your recent open rates by device

2. Be even more careful about your message composition - reading war and peace on an an iPhone just ain't gonna happen.....

3. Landing pages can be tailored for clickthroughs from mobile devices - to make that conversion to a sale or signup even easier for the the mobile user.

The future's mobile... and the future's already here...

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