Smart Arts Work Smart on Snow Day

21st January 2013 in

So the snow that has been causing havoc around the country finally hit Huddersfield last night, and looking out at my car - or rather where I left my car last night; now just a giant mound of snow - I didn’t start to panic about how on earth I was going to dig it out, never mind travel into work, because I knew that whether I was in the office or on my laptop at my kitchen table, the work I had planned to do today would still get done.

By 9am I had already briefed a co-worker (also at home) on his tasks for the day, and the first job on my list - writing this blog - was also well under way. You see Google may well be trying to take over the world - which conjures up slightly disturbing visions of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ - but what it has given us is practically everything we need to work smart wherever we may be.

As a digital agency, we would be remiss if we weren’t taking full advantage of the digital age we live in, and the tools provided by the mighty Google, so aided by Google Docs and Gmail our merry band of ‘Smart Arters’ are fully linked up and cracking on with the working day!

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