Proper Tools for the Job. Smart Arts, SEOMoz, and Moz

13th August 2013 in SEO

As any tradesman will tell you, you can't do a proper job without the proper tools. That’s why the best mechanics use Snap On, Mac, and Beta Tools to work on your car. And it's why Smart Arts used SEOMoz to analyse websites, provide insight and advice, and analyse our clients competitors.

SEOMoz has been around since 2004. It's not a free tool. It's not even cheap. And now, Like SEO itself, it’s changing. Into Moz.

Previously, SEO was considered a 'technical' activity and SEOMoz was mainly a technical tool; analysing inbound links, determining your domain authority and helping us fix issues with sites that might adversely affect it’s search position.

Moz as an organisation has recognised that the effort 'and dollars' put into web marketing and growth in content/inbound marketing will dwarf the growth rates in more traditional, interruption based marketing. Not a technical activity anymore, SEO has become inbound marketing, part of the mainstream activity of a company, that allows you to be found by people who are actually looking for what you do or sell.

Currently in beta is a new tool; Moz analytics, which will bring together all the functionality of SEOMoz, and add a whole new set of information which will inform and guide us in our efforts to drive traffic - and business - for our clients.

Moz Analytics is live soon. We can't wait.

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