Precision Marketing for Precision Engineering in Huddersfield

13th June 2014 in PR, Content for Conversion

We're lucky to live in a great part of the world with a history of innovation in precision engineering. Names such as Hopkinsons, David Brown, and Holset thrived in the last century, helping Huddersfield benefit from leading the way in the last industrial revolution. Even now we have a wealth of smaller engineers that demonstrate world-class innovation in their chosen field.

So why are so few of these companies well represented on the web? Unlike most other sectors that have adopted the online space willingly or through necessity, many smaller engineering companies still seem to view online marketing as a cost rather than an investment. Old ways of brochure/salesman/trade shows seem to prevail rather than website/app/meaningful business social activity.

I find this intriguing, and as a fan of metal spinny things (usually auto/moto related) a little frustrating. We her at Smart Arts are in the business of helping companies demonstrate their authority in their field - share their innovations and profit from it, and there's certainly a lot of that, even just in the 20 miles around good ol' Hudds.

What's the driver for this online shyness?

Competitors stealing their intellectual property?

There's no greater risk of this than in the digital sector... and 'digital' people certainly aren't shy about shouting out their achievements - and the 'intel' doesn't have to be fully shared - just the features, benefits, and results - so get those case studies out there!

Competitors poaching clients?

'If we show our clients our competition has a list of who to target'... maybe... but they probably know already. There are telephones and face to face anyway. And if you've got a great relationship with a client, and are doing a good job, you've probably nothing to fear.


How much is a trade show? A salesman (including NI, car, and phone)? Digital marketing can be cost effective when compared with the traditional routes to market.

How will I know if it's money well spent?

Nowhere is more measurable than the web. Site visits, conversions, cost per aquisition of sale... the list of performance indicators is endless.

'We haven't got time'.... 

If you've got the desire, we've got the time. Using an external agency (like Smart Arts) means it's our responsibility to be proactive - our responsibility to be creative - and our responsibility to deliver results. 
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