Passionate about page speed; pragmatic about business.

OK, so we’re all passionate about something (hopefully more than one thing). As a business owner and employer I’m chuffed that all the people who work here are fired up about what they do - both at work and at home. It shines through, and when properly directed, it’s high-octane rocket fuel for business.

Sometimes though, if you’ll forgive the flowery prose for a moment, the full on blast of idealism has to be throttled back in the name of relevance. Over the years I have occasionally bashed heads with our Head of Development, Andrew over one thing or another.

Andrew and his team are continually evolving our in-house Content Management System, Base, to be the best it can be. Best in terms of usability, flexibility and performance. Best in terms of security (obviously), and ease of administration.

Faster by Design

Page speed is one of the key metrics in terms of website performance and we’ve spent countless hours and days optimising performance on all types of device; achieving numbers that knock the average ‘off the shelf’ CMS into a flat cap (or a cocked hat if you’re not from Yorkshire). The system modules are configured to deliver exactly what a client and a project requires with minimal redundant code, and no fear that ‘plugin one’ will screw up ‘plugin two’ - now or at the next upgrade.

So when I come along and say ‘can we add this code snippet’ it sometimes doesn’t go down too well. Google Analytics, well that’s a given; everyone uses analytics, right?

But Hotjar? Live Chat? Lead tracking services? Suddenly, all that work on page speed seems a little… wasted... Doesn’t it?

Maybe not… if you consider the bigger picture. Metrics are all well and good but an increase in page speed is a means to an end. And that end is converting visitors into contacts and customers. And if we can make a 20% increase in conversions by using 3rd party services on the site (sometimes temporarily), we’re stealing a march on our clients’ competition.  

Make no mistake, we’re still completely committed to the foundations; good code is still good code; and good code is fast code.

The bottom line is, we’re full-on passionate about the fundamentals, and we’re focused on applying those to deliver for the client.

Does your agency think like this? Want one that does? Get in touch. Let’s talk.


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