Our Approach to Content Marketing

Smart Arts is commited to connecting with people via content. 

Mainly content online, though not exclusively, but we aim to make it always relevant, interesting, useful or entertaining. It's not enough anymore just to churn out dull 'status updates' saying how good you are - people - consumers and B2B customers want more - they want content that they can learn from or share. We need to give them that.

Content can be targeted - to the customer type, to what they're searching for, the season, or current events. Search engines are now fast moving enough that new content can be indexed and delivered in results in hours (minutes in some cases).

Content can be any format - written, graphical, interactive (tools and how-to-guides), video, podcasts, and the benefits to the organisation of great content can be:

  • SEO benefits. Allows you to target specific keywords and puts you in front of those carrying out related searches.
  • Less dependency on PPC spend
  • Brand reinforcement - good content establishes you as a leader in your field.

Creating great content gives your company something to talk about in blogs, in social and offline... and takes away the pressure around 'what are we going to say?'.

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Here at Applied, we thought we’d take a look at some of the ways in which you can analyse and evaluate the impact of your digital marketing. 

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