Organic SEO Pays off for Client with 86% uplift

12th March 2011 in

Organic SEO has paid off for one Smart Arts client. We all know the principles of SEO 'Content is King' but it's nice to see that knowledge, coupled with  hard work - really pays off.

A few years ago we built a site for a client with a content management and ecommerce system. Great, we all thought, over time, the client will add their content and we'll be sitting pretty.... Months and months later, they still had a site with lots of pages - but little actual optimised content, despite our prompting them repeatedly.

The answer? In order to prove it to them, we prepared some optimised site content for a single 'branch' of the site - and within a couple of weeks we saw an uplift in organic traffic, lower bounce rate and increase in orders; in addition to multiple requests from overseas trade customers. We were engaged immediately to continue the work.

We're now well on with the creation of their site content, looking at an uplift in quality organic traffic of 86% and looking at further exploiting the value of targeted search optimisation.


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