Opera's singing the same tune!

15th February 2013 in Web Design and Development

One of the biggest headaches when designing websites is ensuring the website works consistently across all browsers. Yesterday is was announced that Opera, which has 300 million users worldwide will make a switch from using its own layout engine, Presto, to start using WebKit which is the same layout engine that powers Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome web browsers.

This should have a great boost in helping push the limits of what the web can achieve as the team that were developing Presto for Opera, who were the first to develop browser tabs, can now help Apple, Google and Adobe develop WebKit. Since the demise of Flash it has been due to the dedicated hard work of the WebKit team that has seen HTML5  push the limits of what a web browser can do, and most of the cool layouts, interactions and animations you see on websites today are due to WebKit setting the Web standards.

From a web developer point of view this means that there is one less compatibility issue to worry about when designing websites, meaning that we can include more of the fancy cutting edge techniques on sites and not have to worry about them not working in all browsers. Now, if we could only get Microsoft to start using WebKit to power Internet Explorer the web would definitely be a better place.

To read more please see: http://www.zdnet.com/opera-joins-chrome-and-safari-in-using-webkit-for-web-browsing-7000011272/

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