One Device Does All

23rd July 2013 in

In the faster moving technology age we live in,  most people need multiple devices to complete day to day activities.

There are multiple downsides to this, one of which being the expense of owning a phone, tablet, desktop, and camera. The other major problem users with multiple devices have is that all their data is not accessible across all devices. 

A text received on your phone isn’t accessible on your desktop, a photo taken on your camera isn’t synced to your phone, the document you were working on in the office isn’t on your computer when you get home. There are obviously services available that help make some of these popular, but they require configuring as well as a certain level of technological know how - but things might be about to change..

Ubuntu (the most popular linux distro) have created a project to build a device that can be your phone, your work computer, your home computer and your camera. The device, Ubuntu Edge, will look like a regular phone and can run Android (the most popular phone OS) but then when connected to a monitor and keyboard transforms into a powerful Quad-Core desktop computer that has full access to all data on the phone. 

No longer would users need to email themselves the document that they have been working on at the office to continue at home; they would just undock the phone and take the file with them. 

As you may expect, creating such a feature rich device doesn’t come cheap and that is why Ubuntu have created a $32 million crowdsource project on Indiegogo to fund the research, development and production of the device. If the project is successful it could spark the merger of iOS/OSX, Android/Chrome OS, and for Microsoft to drop “Windows RT”.

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