New appointment. Onwards and Upwards. Literally.

New appointment. Onwards and Upwards. Literally.

2nd March 2017 in Digital Strategy, Applied News

I’m a bit of a one for reading those books you find in airports in the ‘business’ section. You know, the ones by people who run massive corporations with tens of thousands of staff, who’ve transformed businesses, turned around a supertanker of despair and are now sailing toward a sunny horizon, via the upland pastures of bountiful gains and endless wealth.

I also attend seminars and other events, and listen to people who have been there, done that and have interesting stories to tell. There’s usually something, even if it’s one thing, that you can take away to make tomorrow a better day, and your business a better business.

One of the common points that comes up again and again is ‘hire people better than yourself’. I have no problem finding people to fit that particular gig (you’re welcome to argue, thanks, team). Whether they’re more organised, technically cleverer, more visually creative than me, it’s always good when you find someone who’s really going to add value to the team. We think we’ve done pretty well so far and we’ve just gone and got us another one.

Chris joins from Unibox, a specialist in producing retail furniture, working in-house as Digital Marketing Manager. Chris has experience of working with clients such as SuperDry, Jaguar Land Rover and River Island. He also previously worked with Manchester-based agency theEword, managing SEO & paid search accounts. On top of all that, he’s quite tall and drinks a lot of coffee.

Our marketing has been getting busier and busier as our no-nonsense approach to results-focused digital marketing has paid off, for clients and us. Chris will be working with our established team to help improve the setting of targets, devise and help execute campaigns, and report to clients with relevant, tailored feedback.

I’m terrifically excited to be working with Chris, even though he is quite a bit taller than me (did I mention that already?) and seeing 2017 evolve into one of our most rewarding years yet.

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