My Top Three Favourite Web Fonts

31st May 2013 in Web Design and Development

Using images to display fonts on websites is a thing of the past. Thanks to Google fonts us web designers are now able to design nicer with the right typeface.

Below is a list of three of my favourite web fonts and a short explanation why. Nothing too complicated as I’m not a typography expert, but I do know what looks good.


Clean and modern looking Sans-serif. Currently my favourite font out there when it comes to web design, Lato comes in five different weights all with supporting Italics. This is more of a ‘play it safe’ font, a font that can be used in any form of design and will work perfectly every time.

Clean and modern looking Sans-serif

Abril Fatface

Very stylish Serif font with attractive ball serifs on the lowercase ‘a’ and ‘r’. A really effective font when creating stylish/fashionable banners where the font is required at a large size. Abril used on two lines, combined with the right line height and a secondary Sans-serif font can give your website the finishing touch.

Very stylish Serif font


Originally designed by Dharma Type (who have a whole load of retro loveliness), this font is the remake of the original Bebas released in 2005. Designing with the look and feel of the woodcut movable typefaces of the past, Bebas works well for both headers and bodies. 

Bebas works well for both headers and bodies.

There is a large range of good typefaces out there, go with what suits your project the best. Just remember the one simple rule I have always followed, which is never use more than two fonts on a site or it will quickly become unattractive and annoy some users.

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