Meet The Team Series - Part 6: Luke

Here's the penultimate edition of our meet the team series. For part 6, we put Luke Jagger, our Front End Developer, through his paces. Here's what he had to say...

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First holiday memory:

Family holiday to Cornwall. The weather was amazing all week so it was like being abroad. I spent all week going on walks and playing in the sea on the dinghy.

I even missed my first day of high school. In fact, I remember my mum saying “Would you like to go home for your first day of school or go surfing?”

Pretty sure I made the right choice. The dinghy was great fun.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love football, music, and exercising. Always enjoyed playing on my Xbox with my mates too. I have some great memories of playing COD and GTA.

Which teacher had the most influence on your education?

Mr Raleigh - my history teacher. He was a really good storyteller and had a lot of passion, which I think made his lessons really interesting. To this day I still like history now, and he's probably part of the reason why.

Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer?

Summer, 100%! I love warm weather when you can just get out of the house and enjoy yourself. I hate dark, cold weather so Winter is by far the worst for me.

Grains, hops or grapes?

I like them all. Especially a nice cider when in a sunny beer garden. Or an amaretto and coke on a night out. I'll drink pretty much anything.

Starter, main or dessert?

Definitely dessert. I've always had a sweet tooth, my dentist can vouch for that.

Can’t beat a chocolate fudge cake and ice cream or even the more traditional jam roly-poly and custard.

If I didn't enjoy exercise so much, it's likely that I would've been on a Channel 4 documentary by now...

First car?

My Vauxhall Corsa - it's white with black alloys. As soon as I sore It I fell in love with it. After 8 years, I still love it and it's been a big part of my life.

Most socially awkward moment?

There's a decent list, but in my defence, I'm generally under the influence when a moment like this occurs. Here's one that I can (unfortunately) remember:

It makes me cringe a little to think about it. But it was back when I had literally just passed my test and bought my beloved Corsa.

I was in the McDonalds car park with my mates trying to impress a group of girls that were sat outside McDonalds. We were blasting some Britney Spears and tunes, and the girls were looking over to see what was happening.

With a sudden burst of confidence, I set off and thought it would be cool to impress them with my cool clutch control... Only to abruptly stall right in front of the group of girls. It was pretty awkward, and a proper 'Inbetweeners moment'.

Job that you've done that's most different to your current role?

Working with my Dad as a plasterer. I found out pretty quickly that plastering wasn’t for me, and more importantly, I wasn’t for plastering.

Meet The Team Series - Part 6: Luke