Meet The Team Series - Part 3: Andrew

Andrew is our Head of Development and joined us employee number 2 over 12 years ago. 

Here's what Andrew had to say in part three of our meet the team series... (click here to catch up on parts one and two).

First holiday memory:

Caravanning as a kid, up and down the country.

With the travel restrictions this summer I got to experience this trip from the parent's point of view. 

We had a great time on the North Yorkshire coast and the kids loved it! That being said, I'm looking forward to not needing our coats for next year's summer holiday...

What shape do you like your balls? (It's a sports question!)

Big, small and multi-coloured round ones. Never been able to understand the egg-shaped one.

Which teacher had the most influence on your education?

Mrs Clea (possibly Clee?) - my maths and statistics GCSE teacher. I remember everything just clicked.

Early bird? Night owl?

Before having kids, definitely a night owl. Now I have two mini human-sized alarm clocks that dictate my sleeping. 

Favourite coding language?

If you had asked me a few years ago, I would've said PHP as it was the most powerful language I wrote in. 

However, following browser and server developments, Javascript can now run reliably on backend servers and on the frontend across all popular browsers. It's a great language to code in. 

Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer?

Summer. Not even close.

Grain, hops or grape? Or none? 

… All! A couple of lagers, followed by a bottle of Red and finished off by malt whiskey nightcap.

Most socially awkward moment?

Writing this Q&A...

Favourite food?

Always been a massive pizza fan. Recently, our son has been staying up late on Saturdays and to join us for pizza and film nights. So now I'd definitely say pizza. 

What music powers you through the day?

I love listening to music that has energy, so normally I have some electronic dance booming out of the speakers.

First car?

A £600 quid Ford Fiesta. The feeling of freedom it gave me was priceless!

Job that you've done that's most different to your current role? 

During high school I worked at a restaurant as a pot wash, I stayed there a few years while I was at college too. I progressed to doing some chef work on starters and sweets. It was the best part-time job I had! 

Meet The Team Series - Part 3: Andrew