Making Mobile Adverts Work

12th April 2013 in

More and more companies are starting to see the potential in mobile adverts as 51% of the UK now actively use a smartphone but they are unsure on what they should be doing. Google has put together a mobile playbook to guide companies on how they should be investing.

Win Moments That Matter

It seems that not a month passes without another major high street store closing down. This is largely due to 45% of customers going in-store to research a product, and then using their mobile to search online for a lower price. Creating engaging adverts that capture the 39% of shoppers who walk out of a store after being influenced by a mobile search could be a massive boost to your business. Last year Amazon offered a promotion where anyone scanning a product in-store and then buying via Amazon would receive $5 off their purchase.

Enable Better Decisions

Every company needs a mobile champion, someone that will know the true benefits of mobile adverts to the company and be able to give detailed ROI feedback. Google has analysed the full value of mobile to not just be direct conversions from mobile adverts, but also from phone calls, store locator clicks, app downloads and cross device transactions.

Constantly Innovate

Using mobile specific formats for your adverts is the best way of engaging with your customers. It is important to make a mobile advert that is going to capture our audience and ultimately make them want to click.

The interface needs to be clear and intuitive making the customer want to interact. Once the customer does interact we need to take advantage of the gestures available on a mobile device such as swiping, tapping and scrolling.

Integrating user specific information, such as location and social, helps to tailor the advert to the customer. If they know their friends have ‘liked’ your store and it’s close to their current location they are more likely to visit.

Utilising new technologies in your advert allows for HTML5 animations that can bring your brand message to life. Also with more than 600 million youtube videos watched each day and 1 in 4 of them consumed on a mobile device, using video within your advert will help communicate your brand.

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