Latest in Social - November

Latest in Social - November

22nd November 2018 in Social media

It can be hard to keep up with all the latest social media updates and features. So, here at Applied, we thought we’d put together a monthly blog which compiles everything in one place.

In November’s update of our ‘Latest in Social’ blog, we take a look at Facebook Messenger’s redesign, Snapchat’s latest attempt to up user numbers and LinkedIn’s Vimeo integration. Here goes:


Learn with Facebook

Learn with Facebook is the platform’s latest training tool which focuses on both the simple and more advanced tools that people need to advance in today’s digital workforce.

This career development site is part of Facebook’s pledge to train UK and EU business owners and people with the skills they need to succeed in the workplaces of today.

The free to use site contains a range of tools and e-learning courses which focus on Digital Marketing, Courses for Startups, Interview Techniques and more.

If you want to give Learn with Facebook a try, you can check it out here (and let us know what you think!)


Facebook messenger has had a revamp. The new messenger 4 app improves on the older version which had become overloaded by features that cluttered the basic chat interface.

The new version of Facebook Messenger retains the same features as the older version, such as creating custom polls with friends and family members that use Messenger and show connections’ whereabouts.

Facebook decided upon this new version of the chat app instead of continuing to add additional features to the previous version in order for the app to be simple again.

The biggest change to the app includes the reduction of the number of tabs within the app - this has been reduced from nine to three (which include Chats, People and Discover.)

The tabs include:

    • The Chats tab is the main hub where people can send messages and launch videos calls.
    • The People tab is where you can see which of your friends (connections) are online and where you can view any stories.
    • The Discover tab where you can play basic video games or connect with companies that have built-in messenger connections.

  • Instagram

    Your Activity

    Instagram has started rolling out a new feature which is designed to highlight just how much time we are spending on the app. The ‘Your Activity’ tracker shows you how much time you spend in the app and allows you to try limits to help you reduce the number of hours you spend scrolling through your feed each day.

    As well as daily time spent on the app, the feature also displays a graph of how much time you’ve spent on the app over the past week as well as an average for the week.

    To find and use the new feature simply launch Instagram, go to your profile page, tap the menu icon (3 lines stacked on top of one another) on the top right of the screen and scroll down to find the ‘Your Activity’ tab.

Expanded Shopping Functions

In a bid to provide shoppers with a seamless Christmas shopping experience, Instagram are launching new shopping updates.

Within the new features, users can save items to shopping collections by tapping a product tag icon within Stories or feed, and they can also tap tags featured within feed videos to learn more about the products.

Users are also able to look into a brand’s business profile and see all of the products, prices and further details that the brand has on offer in one place by tapping the ‘Shop’ button.


Integration with Vimeo

Vimeo - the world’s largest ad-free open video platform has announced an integration with LinkedIn that enables broader more effective video distribution from Vimeo to LinkedIn.

With a single click, you can publish content from your Vimeo account to LinkedIn Company pages as well as other destinations using the ‘Publish to Social Feature’

The integration between the two platforms also unlocks video analytics to users can access viewing and performance stats from LinkedIn and other social platforms directly from their Vimeo dashboard.


Snapchat has launched its first Mac and Windows app - Snap Camera. This free app allows you to use Snapchat filters on your desktop via your webcam. With each of the filters usable in third-party video chat or live streaming platforms.

You can preview what the filter will look like before you use it (like you can within the Snapchat mobile app) and favourite an filter by pressing the star icon in the corner of the filter.

Although we don’t really see the point in this app, we’re sure those obsessed with the Snapchat filters will love it.

So there you go, November’s ‘Latest in Social’ update done! We’ll see you back here same time next month for the latest updates.

In the meantime, if you’re looking into how social media can benefit your business and are in need of some help or advice, contact the team or give us a call on 01484 30 20 10.


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