Latest in Social - December

Latest in Social - December

31st December 2018 in Social media

It can be hard to keep up with all the latest social media updates and features. So, here at Applied, we thought we’d put together a monthly blog which compiles everything in one place.

In December’s update of our ‘Latest in Social’ blog, we take a look at Instagram’s horizontal feed, Facebook Messenger’s new Selfie Mode features and give you an update on Google+’s shut down. Here goes:


In October’s ‘Latest in Social’ blog, we gave you the lowdown on Google+ and it’s planned August shut down.

Google has now decided to shut the social network down earlier than expected after another data breach caused 52.2 million users’ data to be leaked. This breach was caused by a data bug and is the second breach to hit Google+ in the last three months.

Due to this, Google have announced that Google+ will be shutting down this April - four months earlier than expected.


Horizontal Feed

If you haven’t heard already (from the outcry of users), Instagram temporarily switched its vertical feed to a horizontal feed. This feature, which was supposed to be a small test ended up reaching more users than anticipated.

Users that received access to the new user interface saw this notice:

This new horizontal feed pretty much made the feed look like a huge Instagram story with a tap and a scrolling bar at the top to see how far into the feed you were.

The problems? Users could only view one single post at a time which we (and all the other outraged users) thought was time-consuming and inefficient.

We’d love to know if you were temporarily affected by this test!

New Questions Sticker Features

The Instagram stickers feature was a big hit when it launched earlier this year and now, it’s predicted to be even more popular with its latest features.

Users can now use the questions sticker for music recommendations in stories or connect to followers in real time within Live video.

There is also a new interactive countdown sticker in Instagram stories which allows users to countdown to a date such as a birthday or a holiday. After a countdown has been created, it sits in your sticker tray and can be reused in new stories until the countdown ends.


Search Ads

Facebook is testing out search advertising on the social network with some users seeing related searches to the keywords, phrases or names they put into the search engine with advertisers being able to set up these search ads within Ads Manager.

However, this isn’t the first time Facebook has tested search ads. In 2012, companies could set up sponsored pages within the search bar.

In a statement, Facebook said: “We're running a small test to place ads in Facebook search results and will be evaluating whether these ads are beneficial for people and businesses before deciding whether to expand.”


Each day, more than 20 million people use the camera effects within Messenger. So Facebook has added two new features: Boomerang and Selfie. As well as new AR (augmented reality) stickers.

Boomerang works just like it does on Instagram where it creates a one-second video which loops back-and-forth. Selfie mode works in a similar way to Apple’s Portrait mode by automatically blurring out the background for that perfect shot.

These two new additions mean that Messenger now has five different camera modes which include normal, video, text, boomerang and selfie.

So there you go, December's ‘Latest in Social’ update!  We’ll see you in 2019 for the latest New Years social updates.

In the meantime, if you’re looking into how social media can benefit your business and are in need of some help or advice, contact the team or give us a call on 01484 30 20 10.

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