Getting noticed: Steve visits Kirklees College during Employability Week

Getting noticed: Steve visits Kirklees College during Employability Week

14th March 2017 in Applied News

This week Steve, Applied Digital MD visited Kirklees College to present to an enthusiastic bunch of ICT students, keen to learn more about the working world of digital.

Steve focused on the opportunities that are available to make a name for yourself and how to get noticed by employers as the race for jobs, particularly in the digital sector, hots up. Whilst the Government acknowledges that there is currently a skills shortage in digital, social media is exposing people as young as 13 to digital marketing (there are 2.7million Facebook users between the ages of 13-17 in the UK alone -

We believe it’s our responsibility to enable the younger generation to apply skills gained by using digital channels to the real world, adding value for themselves and their employers creating a valuable skill set from an early age that will benefit them as they come to leave schools and colleges.

Steve said of his visit : “It's great to be involved with Kirklees College and try and help the students that will become the future of digital. Education is an ongoing process, especially in the digital environment, and I hope to have provided some insight into how the students can take their first steps into the workplace with confidence”.

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