Infographics - To Explain and Entertain

21st January 2014 in Content for Conversion


No one can have failed to notice the increase in infographics recently. They seem to be everywhere. Some are great visual treats, some have interesting information… a few works of art cover both bases.

Infographics have been around since cavemen were sketching on cave walls to tell a story; cavemen didn’t have the eloquence of Shakespeare yet needed to tell a story, and the recent resurgence is mostly down to the fact that people simply don’t have the processing power to cope with the amount of data we have to handle these days.

A few pertinent facts:

  • 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing
  • We can get the sense of a visual scene in .1 of a second as opposed to ‘reading about it’.
  • Information in graphical form is easier to comprehend - and is retained better.

The average person has to process 34 Gigabytes of information on an average day - we receive five times as much information as we did in 1986, meaning our brains are evolving to be more like our inbox - we’re  developing great ‘spam’ filters and recycle bins….

So infographics look great - and help relay complex messages in an easy to understand way that gets remembered. From our perspective as content marketers, we’re always looking to establish our clients as thought leaders in their fields; if we can help them do this by explaining and entertaining, our content is more likely to get saved and shared - which builds brands, and drives business.

So maybe I should have ‘drawn’ this blog…..

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