Take Control of Your Analytics

8th March 2013 in SEO

Most SMEs are probably aware of Google Analytics; in fact it’s hard, as a marketer, to think of making any significant decisions without consulting customer behaviour via the free, de-facto standard stats tool.

Not every SME spends all day with their head buried in the reports though, their time is much better spent on running their business - which is where we can help. As part of our ongoing marketing services we can set up customised dashboards for each client that can tell you at a glance your site’s (and therefore your businesses) key performance indicators.

These can of course be reviewed on an ad-hoc basis - or as part of a regular status report. Getting more involved under the bonnet means that customised reports can be set up - got a business where you want people to sign up or purchase? Set up a goal. Want to exclude ‘brand terms’ from a keyword report? It’s possible.

Getting a better view of what your customers do online can only be good for business. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you drive more traffic - and measure it.

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