How to make web statistics work for you

28th June 2013 in SEO

Statistics can be either the most boring thing in the world; or the most interesting, depending on how they're presented and what they contain.

The key is focus. Reading a 300 page report in order to gain some insight is always going to be a chore, let's be honest. However, sorting out really compelling, interesting, mind-blowing wheat from the dull, dreary, sleep-inducing chaff is worth doing, if you're taken the trouble to collect the data.

We, along with most other marketing companies, use Google Analytics to collect and analyse data on behalf of clients, and although Google do a good job of displaying this data, there's always room for customisation that relates to your circumstances. You can customise 'dashboards' to give an easy at a glance indicator of key stats.

Doing a lot of blogging? Install this dasboard on your Analytics profile:

Interested in the details of your mobile visitors? Have this one:

Want to know more visitor detail? Go on, install this dashboard:

All these dashboards can be modified further to suit your needs, and of course, you can set the date range to suit your requirements as with any other display.

Putting (company) names to numbers...

OK, so that shows us how we can see more aggregate data in a meaningful way, but what if you wanting to see the actual companies that are looking at you? And what they're looking at? And for how long and how often? That's all possible... but that's another story....
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