How to benefit from finding your business Mojo

19th July 2013 in Digital Strategy

Defining your USP is one of the most important things that a business can do.... and one of the most enlightening. 

Finding your Mojo
Call it a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), a Point of Difference (POD), or one of a dozen academic terms; it’s irrelevant what you call it. The question is: Why should people buy from you? Why do organisations deal with you rather than the hundreds (or thousands) of other providers? You need to get your PODs across quickly (especially online)  or your audience will move on... 

Whether you’re offering teapots or training it’s unlikely that you have an entirely unique product or service that no-one else can provide, so what can you say?

Saying ‘we’ve got great products’ or ‘we’ve done nice work’, or ‘on time, on budget’  is weak... ALL your competitors can say that.... you need to find something that only you can say.

Do you have the most qualified trainers? Do your staff have the most experience in any given field? Are your teapots better performers because of the insulating properties of your special ceramic material?

Benefitting from your Mojo - qualify or quantify
Yay!  So we’ve identified something unique, but now we need to make the most of it.... the ‘we do nice work’ just will not cut it.

We’re lovers of numbers here; numbers demonstrate capability in a way that is impossible with just words. If you’ve gained a 100% success rate in satisfaction surveys... or fitted out 120 office refits in one weekend for a single client... now that’s something you can shout about. That’s impact. That’s compelling, and will make the visitor click for more detail.

We helped global brand implementers Principle demonstrate its mind-blowing capabilities by hooking incredible stats to client-based strap lines for their UK operations site

Finding your Mojo, your reason for being is great, not just for the customer - but internally too. It lets you focus on why you exist as a business. Taking this a step further and adding an element of creativity to cold, hard facts is what will really set you apart.

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