Google's Answer to FaceBook; The Google Plus Project

29th June 2011 in

Google yesterday announced the launch of its answer to Facebook, a social networking service called Google Plus. There are a couple of features that we think pose a real threat to the existing networks....

Looking to bridge what has become the gold standard in web search functionality with social networking, Google has designed a social networking system somewhat similar to what is already out there, but incorporating a number key differences and new features: chiefly a design based around social circles, called 'Circles' and a Twitter inspired feature called Huddle.

Trying to more closely resemble real life, it allows users to selectively share with specific groups within defined circles, rather than sharing with all their social connections at once. You can create as many circles as you like, for whatever categories you want adding friends and contacts simply by clicking and dragging names into your various circles.

'Huddle' allows you to follow certain people without actually adding them to your friends list.

Google is also featuring a web conferencing option with room for up to ten people to join in at a time.

Google will also be releasing Google Plus mobile apps for the Android smartphones and iPhone, with special features like cloud based photo storage and group messaging. 

Google plus, located at, is currently in trial mode with a limited number of people, but has stated on its site that it won’t be long before the Google Plus project is ready for everyone.

Could this service have enough value features to tempt people away from facebook?

Get a sneak preview at

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