Google implemented “890 improvements” to search in one year

21st August 2014 in Digital Strategy, SEO

Google’s head of search, Amit Singhal, has revealed that more than 890 “improvements” were made to Google Search last year.

It’s no secret that when they aren’t taking advantage of the extensive leisure facilities at the Googleplex Campus in Mountain View, California, the Google Search development team is constantly testing ideas for updates to algorithms and user interfaces.

Most never make it past the trial stage, but Google had previously admitted to making around 400 changes a year to its search products.

It appears that activity levels have increased though, as Singhal revealed in a Google+ post (where else?) celebrating the “10 biggest Google Search milestones” since the company’s IPO in 2004.

“We made more than 890 improvements to Google Search last year alone, and we’re cranking away at new features and the next generation of big bets all the time,” he wrote.

While not all the changes will have directly affected the algorithms used to generate search results, the statistic does demonstrate how big a job it is to stay up to date with Google’s latest policies.

In fact, even Google struggles to keep up with the ever-changing quality guidelines and has had to penalise itself in the past.

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