Good, better, best. 3 ways to work with your digital agency

8th June 2013 in Digital Strategy

We're incredibly lucky to work with some amazing companies here at Smart Arts.  From SME to blue chip,  start-up to 100-year-old, the vast majority of the organisations we work with have something in common. A great proposition. Something that defines them from their competitors. A USP. Sometimes the business owner doesn't realise what it is;  it's quite often this comes out when we sit down and talk it through with them.  But when you get right down to it, there's usually something that they do that’s unique - or better than just about anyone else. It is, after all, the reason why they exist.

Not every company needs the same from a digital agency, however....  here's a few thoughts on the different ways we work with people.... 

1st Option - Good.  A great product or service, plus a great website

Usually - not always,  but usually -  a website is the primary online 'touchstone' for your clients. So it's usually the first thing a business should get sorted -  by someone who knows what they're doing.  We know you can get a website for no cost - Nowt. Zip. Nada.  (I really wanted to put 'diddly squat' in there too, but thought that was too much..). What you'll get when you use professionals is, to start with, a few searching questions.  Who are your customers? What do they want from you? How can we entice them to stay around and convert from a visitor to a customer or a contact?  Once we've got answers to these questions and validated them (hey, let's call this bit 'research'), we use all the information to do great creative, then build it with military precision and let it loose on the world....

2nd Option - Better.  A great product or service, plus a great website, plus awesome content

There are good reasons why we don't call ourselves 'just' a web design company. Half our staff are dedicated to content, because content is the reason ‘online’ was invented - to store  and share ‘stuff’. Face it, you probably own or run a successful company, so your skills probably aren't in the field of crafting words, images and video to best effect. Even if they are, you probably don't have time. Actually you shouldn't have time! So let us help... 

3rd Option - Best.  A website,  great content,  and ongoing ‘activity’....... 

You’ve got your website (and/or your facebook page, and/or your mobile app), it’s populated with great content and had some compelling calls to action; now all you need is more (and more) visitors. Traffic. There are so many ways to drive traffic, and these need to be considered and planned in order that you can measure effectiveness. email, social, PR, case studies generation, advertising, the list goes on, and different activities can work better for you at different times points in your calendar.

In short, regular ongoing online activity, when planned and implemented properly does grow business. The regular measurement ensures that successful campaigns can be repeated and tuned to be even more effective, ensuring best use of your marketing budget.

To talk to us about our good - better - best offers, call us on 01484 685544 or email

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