Do QR codes still have a place?

17th May 2013 in Digital Strategy

QR codes (or Quick Response to give them their full title) have been around for ages; were big news in Japan with the technology quickly filtering through to Europe and USA. But just how effective are they?

A recent survey by Nielsen shows that 18% of consumers regularly use a QR code or barcode scanner, so although some would say that they are now ‘old hat’, they do still have their place - if utilised correctly.

So what are key things to remember when implementing a QR code campaign?

  • Size: It stands to reason that the code itself needs to be big enough for people to see and scan.
  • Position: Having people crouching or bent double to scan the code isn’t exactly best practice - think about the code in the context of where it will be seen.
  • Benefits: Make sure you explain to users what they stand to gain by scanning the code, otherwise why would they even bother?
  • Landing page: People are scanning from a mobile device so make sure that where they land is a mobile-optimised page.
  • Test it: Obvious!
  • Track it: It’s all about measurement and results and the only way to know if your QR has had an impact is to make sure you track it. You can create a custom campaign URL in Google Analytics that will do this.

Stupid use of QR codes:

Stupid use of a QR code

Great use of QR codes:

Great use of a QR code



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