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19th March 2014 in Digital Strategy

According to recent market reports, 74% of 600 marketers surveyed are intending to increase their content marketing budget in 2014, with search engine optimisation in second place (alongside mobile) with 63% - figures that dispel the thought from some quarters that digital marketing is becoming a dying marketing technique. 

 In fact heavy investment is apparently being planned across most digital marketing channels, with a greater focus on 'doing the digital basics really well', as demonstrated by this chart compiled by Econsultancy and Responsys for their Marketing Budgets Report 2014.

A key finding of the report is that overall marketing budgets are at their most buoyant since the launch of the survey five years ago. Sixty percent of respondents said their companies were intending to increase budgets for 2014. Looking specifically at digital, the proportion of companies increasing spend remains consistent and strong, with 71% of companies stating this is the case – the same percentage as last year. 

Responding companies are also spending, on average, 38% of their total marketing budgets on digital, which is a 3% increase from last year’s figures. 

So thankfully digital marketing is very much alive and kicking! 

We may be biased - being a digital agency and all - but we believe there is still very much a requirement for the engagement of digital specialists to help companies take advantage of the fast-moving digital world, and the customers interacting with it.

Although we encourage integration with traditional marketing to ensure consistency of message across all media, the benefits of the digital approach include:

  • Effective management of customer relationships across a variety of channels.
  • Ability to respond to and initiate dynamic customer interactions.
  • Engage customers with relevant, informative content.
  • Respond quickly to both client and industry changes.
  • Take advantage of the number of active internet users (121 million).

The fact remains that we are in a digital age where people use digital means in almost every aspect of their lives. Our aim is to help companies plug into those channels by ensuring their digital marketing strategy is implemented effectively, in order to influence the buying decisions of potential customers.

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Source: Econsultancy

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