(Coding) ? The future of advertising;

Art, Copy & Code is a Google initiative to re-imagine advertising by using new tools and technologies to take advertising from the smoke filled office of Don Draper into the digital world we now live in.

During the 60’s advertisers used to work in teams consisting of copywriter and art directors. Today, modern digital marketers are adding code into the main creative process making Art, Copy & Code the creative team for the connected world.

With the rise in social media, web apps and mobile apps over the past few years, more and more brands have turned to creating interactive marketing campaigns that give the user a memorable and, in many cases, a useful experience that will help keep their brand in the forefront of the user’s mind.

The campaign is being launched with an app created in partnership with VW which acts as a social app for road trips. ‘Smileage’ allows users to track and share their route as well as interacting with other road users using the Smileage app while on route. Creating rich interactive user experiences like this to sell your products and get your brand talked about is something the Mad Men of the 60’s could never even of imagined.

So why has Google created this campaign? Google make their millions via advertising and so it is in their vested interest to help marketers and advertisers create rich, interactive adverts that keep the users clicking.

For further information please see: http://www.artcopycode.com/

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